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Our founder has been featured on CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, The View and Bloomberg as well as numerous stations around the country as an expert mail-in gold buyer and industry pioneer.

  • Over 1 MILLION Mail-in Gold Packages Processed.

  • Over $100 MILLION Paid Out.

  • Totally FREE!

  • Avoid Going To Pawn Shops.

  • Sell your gold with anonymity and from the safety and comfort of your own home

  • Paying out some of the HIGHEST rates on Gold and Jewelry

  • We are Honest, Transparent and Reliable!

Click Below see our gold prices for the week!

This Weeks Gold Price

(PM London Fix)

$1254.80 per troy ounce

WEEK OF Oct 17th – Oct 23rd
Gold2Money Gold Prices Per Pennyweight
gold weights: 20 DWT = 1 Troy OUNCE

Karat 25+ oz. 10-25 oz. 5-10 oz.. 0-5 oz.
(500 + DWT)
(200-500 DWT)
(100-200 DWT)
(0-100 DWT)
10k  $19.43 $16.84  $15.03 $13.47
14k  $27.29 $23.65 $21.11 $18.92
18k $34.82 $30.18 $26.93 $24.14
22k $42.82 $37.11 $33.11 $29.69

Why other Gold Buying Sites do not show what they pay?

This is because other sites pay as low as 15% of what your gold is worth.  We calculate how much cash you will receive for your Gold based on the First business day of each week using the PM London Fix. All payments are calculated in pennyweights (DWT), the standard weight measurement in the precious metal business.

Turn your unwanted gold and jewelry into cash….instantly!

Gold2Money – the industry leaders in mail-in gold & jewelry buying

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Total Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you’re not completely happy with the value & grading of your items by Gold2Money, simply call us within 10 days of the date on the check, return the check and we will promptly return your items to you. It’s that easy. We’re not happy unless you’re 100% satisfied and we stand by our guarantee.

That we guarantee!
The Gold2Money Team


  • “I just got a divorce and wanted to get rid of my wife’s jewelry. It’s been a tough time and I was so happy I could send away the jewelry, get a fair price and spend the cash on something for me”

    Dan B.
  • “ My son has his 16th birthday coming up and I wanted to surprise him and buy a new car for his birthday. After digging into my drawers and finding years of jewelry and unwanted gold I was able to cash it in and get him his dream set of rims. Thank you Gold2Money Team.”

    Antonio. F
  • “I’d fallen behind in my bills and had no idea how to get on top of things when a friend suggested I check out Gold2Money. It’s been a lifesaver. I was able to get some of my unwanted jewelry valued and cashed it in for a great rate so I could pay off my bills. I even ended up with some extra to spend on myself!”

    Claire Z
  • “Christmas came around a little too quickly for me this year and I was struggling to find enough money to get my kids presents. After quickly finding some old jewelry that I no longer wore I was able to send it into Gold2Money and get a great price for my old gold. The process is easy and I didn’t need to drag my kids all over town to pawn shops.”

    Louise C
  • “I was pretty embarrassed that I wasn’t able to attend my best school friend’s wedding, and after looking around for a few options a friend suggested Gold2Money. Great service and I was able to cash in some old gold and get enough money together to watch my friend walk down the aisle.”

    Zara J
  • “I have had old gold and trinkets laying around in my jewelry box for years gathering dust and never thought I would ever be able to do anything with them. After finding Gold2Money I have been able to cash in the old gold items that I no longer use and use the money to spend on my grandkids.”

    Sophia F
  • “The process for selling my gold and old jewelry was really easy and I felt like I was getting a really good deal. I sent my items to Gold2Money, they valued it quickly and kept me update the whole time. I was able to make some money from unwanted items without leaving the house.”

    Gordon M
  • “Walking into a pawn shop seemed a little daunting and finding Gold2Money was a godsend. The system is simple. I requested a pack, sent my precious metal return pack in via FedEx, and received my money quickly with the Speedy Money option. It couldn’t have been simpler.”

    Vincent E
  • “Why didn’t I know about this process sooner! I love how simple it is to send my old jewelry to Gold2Money, they value it, offer me a price and then they pay me straight away. It’s safe and secure and they offer a 100% guarantee which is great peace of mind.”

    Donna K
  • “I had a drawer full of old, broken and mismatched jewelry that never saw the light of day. Sending in my old gold to Gold2Money was quick and I received my check within days! Such a great service.”

    Adele M


Processed almost 2 million packages worldwide. We are the online gold buyer you can trust!

We are serious about providing a safe and secure online gold selling process that offers a superior customer service experience. If you’ve got old, broken, mismatched or unwanted jewelry lying around at home and are looking to get cash Gold2Money can provide a secure and fast transaction to get money in your pocket. All unwanted jewelry is beautiful to us, and you can trade your unwanted and broken jewelry in for cash all from the convenience of your home. With almost 2 million packages processed, we’re highly skilled and are committed to your satisfaction.

Free & insured postage for your jewelry plus 24/7 secure tracking

Our free postage service provides a convenient and safe way to send your valuables without the worry of items not showing up at the other end. We use USPS PRIORITY for reliable postage of all jewelry items. Our envelopes are completely tamper proof and we use the most technologically advanced packaging to ensure your transaction is seamless. All packages are insured for up to $25,000 and tracked 24/7 from your door to our facility. If more insurance is needed please contact us at 1-800-380-6998 so we can satisfy your insurance needs.

Speedy & seamless gold & jewelry processing – payment within 24 hours.

Once your gold is received at Gold2Money headquarters, your package will be inventoried, your material analyzed and weighed and payment is made within 24 hours. Customers have the option of receiving their payment by Gold2Money check, PayPal or via our Speedy Money program. The process is quick and can all be done from the comfort of your home.

Turn your unwanted, broken and mismatched jewelry into money & get paid within 24 hours

Our founder pioneered the mail-in gold buying industry. We offer a quick and professional service so you can receive money in your pocket quickly and without delays. Unlike traditional gold buyers, we pride ourselves on using the most technologically advanced methods for processing your precious metal, thus allowing the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

We are nationally acclaimed gold buying experts

Gold2Money’s founder has been featured all around the world on a wide range of business networks including CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, The View and Bloomberg as an expert mail-in gold buyer and industry pioneer. Why would you sell your broken, unwanted, mismatched gold & jewelry to anyone else? Get the fastest shipping & payment options with Gold2Money.